Our Process

The process of creating interactive learning engagements starts with YOU. Our team of instructional designers begin to build your solutions by first understanding the business goals you are trying to achieve. Next, we will work with you to identify new behaviors your learners need to exhibit in order to achieve those goals.

Analyze. Once we have identified the desired behaviors, our team analyzes what motivates your learners and pinpoints what knowledge and skills are needed to change those behaviors.

Align. We take this information about your organization and align it with our adult learning expertise. All content is delivered in a way that ensures learners will process and retain information. 

The graphic below explains the method to our madness. Through this process we set our learning solutions apart and deliver measurable results.


1. Learners attention is first captivated through compelling information and entertaining activities.


2. Content is delivered in an engaging, brain-friendly format.


3. Guided practice and activities help learners apply the content in a memorable way.


4.Thoughtful reflection and personalized application allows learners to transform the information they have learned into relevant and usable practice.



You’re our partner and when you succeed, we succeed.

The final product is an effective and engaging learning interaction that has been perfectly tailored to fit the needs of your business and team. By the end of this journey, your learners will experience growth and you’ll see results. It’s a win-win, for your team and ours.

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