The SC Guarantee

Our learning engagements are designed specifically to foster long term knowledge retention, behavior modification and are backed with the SC Guarantee. The SC Guarantee states that all of the services we provide are:


Our learning modules will grab the attention of learners and keep them engaged through the entire process.


Our unique approach breaks up our learning engagements into an appropriate time and manner that allows the brain to process and absorb.


Our courses deliver information in a way that is relevant to the learner’s job or role. Our focus is to provide solutions to problems that are important to learners.


We always allow avenues for learners to reflect and apply new information. With that in mind, we make sure to link all of our concepts with learner’s previous knowledge and experiences.


We believe in cultivating knowledge, not promoting memorization. To improve long term retention of information and stimulate measurable behavior change, our instruction is delivered over time, with tools to assist your learners every step of the way.