No two businesses are alike. That’s why at Smarrella Consulting, our clients can choose from a unique blend of services. We’ll provide your employees with a customized, multi-sensory learning experience designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness to ensure your needs are met.

Strategic Consulting

We’ll sit down with you to pinpoint your business goals, identify new behaviors learners need to achieve those goals, and create a plan to get them there.


Instructor-Led Workshops

Sometimes the best learning happens face-to-face. Our skilled and highly trained facilitators will personally teach your customized learning workshop in a time and place that is convenient for you.



Our web-based modules are the perfect solution for organizations seeking self-paced instruction. Interactive courses give your employees the freedom to learn in a way that works with their busy schedule, while still achieving the results you desire.



Most effectively used in coordination with our other learning services, microlearning tools are meant to give maximum results with minimal effort. Your employees can access these quick and easy Learning Boosts on nearly any device, helping improve retention and overall performance.


Table-Top Learning Games

One of our newest services, table-top learning games are a hands-on approach to learning and development. This innovative learning strategy helps your employees learn and engage with content in a way that is unique and entertaining.



Using visual and auditory stimuli, our learning videos help your employees stay engaged while providing them with information in a manageable and memorable format.